Carbon Voyage and Freight

So we’ve built a freight version of our software.

Ever since starting Carbon Voyage, we have been interested in understanding where inefficiencies existed across all parts of the transport industry given the impact on cost, carbon and congestion. Over the last twelve months in particular, we’ve been working with a few clients to fully understand this in terms of freight and develop a baseline understanding (mainly in London) of what some of these inefficiencies are. While it is a bit too premature to discuss the precise findings (other than say that they clearly demonstrate that there is a real mess that needs to be sorted out particularly in the lead up to the Olympics), it is quite instructive to understand that these inefficiencies are incredibly costly. Given that freight is sometimes empty up to 40-50% of the time (depending on mode and ‘shipping’ routes) and that fuel costs are potentially 30-40% of the total operating expenditure for a freight company, then anything that can be done to reduce inefficiency is very beneficial to freight companies. The London Freight Plan from TfL has some very useful statistics about the cost of congestion also.

The core of our software concept was all about making transport more efficient (i.e. optimisation) – find opportunities to share journeys, fill empty return journeys and find the right mode of transport based on what’s moving. As a basic concept, that applies to both people and things, so it was only a matter of time before we were ready to launch the freight side of things, which we are about to do. I think it’s great that there are already a few companies out there addressing parts of this market, and it is certainly clear that there are some great opportunities out there to make freight more efficient, given how critical it is to trade, and indeed the way we live.

If you would like some more info, please contact freight [a] carbonvoyage [dot] com or if you’re a freight company anywhere, visit here.


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2 Responses to Carbon Voyage and Freight

  1. phillip says:

    Great article i like the fact your thinking about the carbon issue the world has


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